Saturday, 30 March 2013

About Falafeloff

Now London's Leather Lane in Farringdon can at times be a bit of a Middle Eastern minefield when it comes to falafel vendors so this blog seeks to decide once and for all which is the best place to buy your wrap.

With so many different outlets to choose from on the Falafel Furlong it can be a hard decision knowing which one to opt for so rather than waste your time trying them each one, rating them with a balanced scorecard, getting someone else to rate them again with a balanced scorecard, taking an average, comparing it to the competition we thought we'd do this on your behalf (you can thank us later). I mean imagine how you'd feel if you'd spent the last couple of years loyally going to the same shop only to find that two doors down there was a falafel wrap which has been proven to be, on average, 3% better.

That's right, livid.

For that reason that's why Falafeloff has come about. With a thorough and unbiased scoring process our Falafelofficers will work our way through each challenger to provide an initial score before whittling these down to 16 lucky qualifiers who will then go head to head in a knockout competition to see who will be crowned the winner of Falafeloff 2013.


  1. Finally, a website to answer the question on everyone's lips: "where can I find the best falafel wrap between chancery lane and farringdon?". Eagerly anticipating your updates chaps, good luck!

  2. Agreed anon! I'm putting my money on The King, but who knows. There may be an upset!

  3. Been going to Brothers a few times a month for the best part of a year now and never had the courage to try the other establishments on the Falafel Furlong. Why risk going elsewhere when I felt Brothers served the best wraps? Well thanks to you my opinion has become into fact and now I shall stay at Brothers without worrying about missing out on better falafel as it does not exist.

  4. Hey there, Anonymous!

    Thanks for your comments and we're glad to hear that you know a good wrap when you see one but we're only 6/20ths through the heats of the competition so there's a lot more falafels to be eaten before we can confirm which is the best on the lane. How will Brothers fare against the rest of the competition? Can they carry their form from the heats all the way through to the knockout stage? Keep checking back to find out!

  5. Hi. Glad to find out there are other falafel maniacs prowling Leather Lane.

    Am I the only one who regularly eats falafel five days out of five? Am I the only one who refers to this practice as "shooting the moon"?

    I've been eating falafel on Leather Lane for about a decade. The best place was a kosher spot called Chap A Nash, located in the unit that is now "Kitchenette" (who also - sort of - do falafel). Tragically, they closed a few years ago. They knew their way around a falafel. Serious operation. Used to go there in like 2005, 2006. Happy memories.

    Nowadays, for me, it's either King of Falafel or Chick.

    Chick is like a poor man's Chap A Nash, but still pretty good. You have correctly identified Chick as serving the best falafels on the lane. No contest. The queuing ordering/queuing system is daft, though. And why do they randomly sell breaded chicken? And why are the shutters down the whole time? And why would I want guacamole on a falafel? or a boiled egg? Early days for this crowd. I wish them well.

    You can't front on King of Falafel. You get a big ass tasty meal served by the MFN don of the falafel game for, what, £3.20 or something? The sauces are of a high standard. The queues here can be off putting and it can be a little on the greasy side. KoF has a spot in Bloomsbury too. I sometimes go there instead. The falafel isn't as good but I quite fancy the woman who takes the orders.

    I don't really fuck with any of the other falafel places at the moment. Too many low quality establishments.

    Working as I do in Holborn, I can head east or west for my falafel. A short-ish walk heading west can take me to Gaby's on Charing Cross Road, Maoz on Old Compton Street or newcomer Just Falafel on Monmouth Street. All fairly solid options. Perhaps my favourite, though is Taza La Plaza, which is a Lebanese place surprisingly located upstairs at the Plaza shopping centre on Oxford Street. Well worth a go if you're in the area.

    Much love.