Thursday, 4 April 2013

Al Kouther, 22 Leather Lane

Fresh from their recent refurbishment we were keen to start the falafel season here at this reliable outlet towards the bottom of Leather Lane.

We feared that when this place was being refurbished that it was getting closed down and replaced with another expensive coffee shop but were gladly mistaken as it has come back stronger than ever. They scored high for speed of service, asking what we'd like before we'd fully got through the door. When we returned later for a picture (above) there was a queue out the door and with a falafel of this quality you can understand why.

It's standout features are it's size and the quality of the filling - there's a wide variety of salad in there which is complemented well with a mix of spices and mint yoghurt dressing. Chilli sauce was offered, accepted and expertly distributed throughout the wrap with no unwanted, surprise pockets of heat - a minor criticism would be that the sauce itself was a bit too far on the acidic side of pH 7. Top marks weren't achieved for 'Mouthfeel', probably due to the slight sogginess of the falafels themselves but other than this we are really struggling to find any flaws in this wrap.

With an average score of 74.5 the benchmark has well and truly been set by Al-Kouther, this is going to take some beating.

Al Kouther can be found at 22 Leather Lane.



  1. I just tried Al Kouther and my oh my, what excellent mouth-feel and taste! Highly recommended. I can see why it scores so highly on Falafeloff. Thanks for the recommendation.

  2. I love this place. Also try the halloumi wrap!

  3. Really good falafel from here, very impressed, cheers for the recommendation! Think the King is still my #1 after trying most of the well-rated places on here but this came a close second. Love the site :)