Tuesday, 23 April 2013

King of Falafel, 93 Leather Lane - Moroccan Wrap

King of Falafel is as much of an experience as it is a falafel outlet. What started off as a grocery store became a grocery store that sold falafel wraps and then a falafel shop that was also a grocery store to solely a falafel retailer. People come in their droves to get a front row position to see the master at work; sometimes even queueing to the other side of Leather Lane for one of this fine man's regal wraps.

Will The King reign supreme over Leather Lane? Read our review of his Moroccan Wrap (or just look on the leaderboard if you can't be bothered) to find out...

The King now sublets half of the premises to another food retailer who sells healthy, wholesome lunches of some description but once you've stepped inside the doors of 93 Leather Lane it's almost impossible to resist the powerful draw of his falafel wraps.

The King and his royal falafel family score top marks in the staff category for their warm personalities and liberal use of their catchphrases ('Onion for everybody', 'Chilli sauce for everybody' etc.). The falafel wrap on Moroccan bread is priced at a steep £4.25 which unfortunately sits the wrong side of £4 for it to be scoring positive marks for cost. This is therefore the first wrap of the competition to score negative marks in that respect. He didn't quite get full marks for the hubristic name of shop but perhaps when it comes to his Lebanese wrap review we'll be caught in a more light-hearted mood and score it more generously. A problem of the unrivalled popularity of The King is that it's very unlikely that between the weekday hours of noon and 2pm you'll find yourself without company, meaning that you'll have to wait for the main man to make up to 10 other customer's wraps at the same time as yours. Luckily we caught him on a good day so didn't have to wait half a lunch-hour before falafel consumption commenced.

Some authentic middle-eastern ingredients featured (Tahina, sumac, sesame seeds and harissa) that some of the lesser outlets on the Lane wouldn't probably even consider. Raw white onion also made an outing which, although added taste and texture, didn't make us the most popular people to be breathed on by that afternoon. On the whole though there was a wide range of fresh components which picked up didn't go unnoticed and duly picked up almost perfect scores in freshness and nutrition.

The wrap was probably the best looking of the competition so far, was fairly sizeable and well toasted but the bread to filling ratio wasn't brilliant. When compared to current top scorers Brothers and Al-Kouther we found this one a bit bread heavy, causing marks to be lost for mouthfeel. The Moroccan bread was a welcome change from the usual Lebanese khobez but left us feeling a bit short changed as we'd have preferred to sacrifice this for a greater helping of the tasty inner core.

We've read that The King was trained as an engineer before finding his element selling falafel wraps but ironically the wrap started to fall apart completely towards the end which led to a record minimum score of 0 in for its structural integrity. This left us having to pick up the pieces with our fingers which, although fun, didn't make us the most popular people to have hands shaken by that afternoon*.

This wasn't by any means a perfect wrap but it was as authentic a falafel wrap as we've had to date. Our main criticism was that we would have preferred more filling and at a cheaper cost however, by and large, this was a very decent lunch but unfortunately hasn't got near challenging Brothers for the top spot so gives The King something to contemplate on his throne if he is to stake a claim for the ultimate prestigious title 'Falafeloff Champion 2013'.

Score: 58.25

[May 2013] - We've since returned to try his Lebanese wrap, click here to see what we thought of it - King of Falafel (Lebanese Wrap).

*don't worry; we washed them with warm soapy water before any afternoon hand shaking happened really

King of Falafel can be found at 93 Leather Lane.


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