Monday, 15 April 2013

Mediterranean Food Bar, 21 Leather Lane - Moroccan Wrap

Fortunately for us, we knew (and we expect you've guessed) what we were ordering but please spare a thought for those less clinical. It's very difficult to see, let alone read, their Mediterranean Food Menu from in front of their Mediterranean Food Counter as it's printed on an A4 piece of paper, 3 metres away with what must be size 20 font.

Well, when we say we knew what we were ordering, we did in fact have to choose between either their Moroccan Khobez (which we've got no idea how to pronounceand their Mediterranean Spinach bread. As you can tell by the title of this blog entry, we went for their Moroccan wrap in medium size.

Now this medium was a completely different medium to the one that we experienced earlier in the competition from Wrap It Up! We got much more than a Marc Jacobs designed Diet Coke this time and saved ourselves 35p for the pleasure.

Now this isn't the prettiest wrap we've eaten, especially when compared to the previous offering from pod, but it is one of the most delicious; scoring very highly in for taste. We saw for the first time in the competition two new ingredients: fresh parsley and black olives which was a nice touch from the Food Bar.

The wrap was jam-packed with salad but sadly lost out a few marks on mouthfeel due to the three falafels being a bit soft and soggy. Ideally we'd like a bit more crunch from the protagonists but we can't have it all. A couple of marks were missed for structural integrity as whilst one of the halves remained intact for the duration of the eating experience the other half  fell apart towards the end.

The staff were pleasant but there was a couple of people ahead of us in the queue which they took a bit of time to get through. The wrap was well worth the wait though and goes to second place in the leaderboard.

Score: 65.50

Mediterranean Food Bar can be found at 21 Leather Lane.


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