Saturday, 27 April 2013

Oasis, 25 Leather Lane

Some might say that £4.25 is a bit steep for a falafel wrap. It's certainly one of the more expensive wraps on Leather Lane but it's not half the world away from the rest of the competition. Oasis is the first coffee shop that we've come across during the competition so we were interested to see if their food would be up to scratch.

Oasis has a pleasant atmosphere where you'd be happy to sit inside, knowing that you're not going to leave smelling like kebabs, d'you know what I mean? There's some trendy exposed brickwork at the back of the shop and a long service bar running down the left hand side. Compared to other shops on the lane though we found their name a bit dry.

If you're not interested in falafels they've got a fantastic selection of pick-n-mix salad bowls and freshly prepared paninis. We weren't part of the queue for long and it didn't take them long to bag it up so they scored high for speed, allowing us to slide away with a minimum of fuss.

They failed on one of the most basic of falafel wrap rules by not cutting it in half. This meant that we had to separate the wrap into two manually which left us with mucky fingers. Whatever their decision was to do this we'll never know but we were able to soldier on. This was a very sizeable, filling wrap. We certainly didn't need a roll with it.

After this had entered my big mouth it was clear that this was a very good wrap. What lost it marks on mouthfeel though was the floppy, tortilla wrap. Without doubt this was the worst feature holding this wrap back. In this respect it ain't got nothin' on some of the crispier khobezs we've sampled on the lane. The falafels contained a tasty, herby mix which little by little won us back after being so disappointed with the texture of the bread. Amongst the usual ingredients the wrap features bulgar wheat, fresh parsley and gherkins. Unfortunately there was a little too much lettuce which turns awfully soggy and floppy after being exposed to the grill.

In conclusion this was a quality wrap. If the tortilla was replaced with a khobez and was a quid cheaper this might be one of the frontrunners in this tournament. This falafel wrap will definitely, maybe feature in the knockout stages but unless this gets rectified we're afraid this may fade away against stronger competition.  

Score: 61.2

Oasis can be found at 25 Leather Lane.


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