Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Pod, 6a Leather Lane

Pod came to Leather Lane with the intention of providing local office workers with 'proper, natural food' in the backend of 2012. Whilst, yes, they are a chain, their heart seems to be in the right place; selling a seasonal range of nutritious, ethical lunches to hungry, health-conscious punters.

Ok, so this wasn't strictly a falafel wrap in the same form as we've seen elsewhere but it was close enough so was a welcome addition to the competition, offering something slightly different from the rest of the crowd. Their 'Street Box' is described as containing 'Market fresh ingredients on artisan, wholemeal, low salt flatbread'. Obviously we opted for their Falafel Hummus Street Box where those ingredients are 'sun-blushed tomatoes, chickpeas, beetroot, peas, broad beans, rocket & mixed leaves, chia seeds & fresh parsley'. We're not sure which market these ingredients are fresh from (we've not seen any chia seed stockists on Leather Lane, that's for sure) but they were great. Sun-blushed tomatoes, broad beans aren't the sort of things that can be found in any prepped salad bowls elsewhere on the lane so Pod got two thumbs up in the taste and nutrition departments. One criticism would be that the contents of the flatbread could have been more abundant so although most bites were delicious, some were just bread. A cold, dry, flavourless bread at that. This cold, dry, flavourless bread was perfectly acceptable when a pocket of tasty falafel was engulfed within it but shouldn't be able to make it from box to mouth unaccompanied. As a result mouthfeel lost marks.

We've been spoilt after becoming used to wraps being made to order so after this one was ready made it unfortunately scored low for freshness.

Service was quick, staff were alright. There's also the option to sit in (or out) if you'd like to.

The £3.85 that was charged we feel is a reasonable price for what it is but unfortunately this doesn't sit well within our cost scoring so it got stung for that but the qualities in the product and the lack of queue though should see this make the knock out stage. It was a decent and unconventional wrap, containing a standard of ingredients that are a cut above those that we've seen elsewhere.

Score 59.85

  Pod can be found at 6a Leather Lane.


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  1. I'm impressed. I didn't have high hopes for the chain Falafels but good on the people at Pod pulling a strong score out of the bag.