Sunday, 7 April 2013

Wrap It Up, 45 Leather Lane

When this relative newcomer popped up on Leather Lane we were interested to find out how this chain was going to compete with the more established lunchtime favourites in the area. Unfortunately we missed out on the free wraps on their opening and I admit it's taken until now to get round to sampling one of their 'World Gourmet Wraps'.

Recently we've noticed 10% off vouchers for Wrap It up being given out in the street. For a place that's been open for two years this seems a little worrying that they've not managed to secure a healthy enough footfall to avoid having to play this card. We tried to put this to the back of our minds to see if their falafel wraps were any better than this promotional video:


Now we can't fault the staff. We were served by a very polite and cheerful woman who apologised for their lack of tahini and offered a replacement sauce instead. Again, can't fault the speed. We were seen to immediately and our wrap was knocked up in no time at all. Wrap It Up! scored well for their name also (who doesn't love a pun?) but unfortunately that's where the positives end.

We were faced with three options for size: Medium £3.45, Large £4.45 or Grande (surely this is just the same as 'large'?) £5.45. To keep the competition played in as much as a level playing field as possible (i.e. keeping it within the £2 - £4 scale for cost) we went for Medium. Similarly to how I assume by 'Grande' they don't actually mean 'Large' but probably something less flattering like 'Extra Large' or 'Super Size',  I think by 'Medium' they in fact mean 'Tiny'. As you can see from the picture below, its only marginally bigger than a Marc Jacobs designed Diet Coke can. 

Perhaps we should have been wise to this when ordering the smallest of the three options on the menu but from falafel wrap vendors on Leather Lane I've grown to expect much more than a Marc Jacobs designed Diet Coke can for my £3.45.

Now onto the wrap itself, we weren't offered a choice of tortilla or roti which wasn't a problem as both have been entered in Falafeloff 2013 but fate decided that today we were getting the tortilla. This scored low on mouthfeel as it was a bit too Old El Paso to be considered an authentic Lebanese wrap which is a shame as it's this sort of attention to detail that you'd hope somewhere with 'gourmet' in their slogan would pride themselves in.

The contents weren't up to much either. Lettuce to everything else ratio wasn't in our favour. The filling was not filling. As you can guess from the picture above, this wasn't going to prevent us from hunger striking in the afternoon. The meagre, unvaried core of the wrap meant that it scored low for taste, nutrition and quantity.

This was a really disappointing wrap and we'd be surprised if it makes it to the knockout stages. We hope for their sake that their other offerings (Piri Piri Chicken, Caribbean Roti and many more) are better than this because this falafel wrap certainly wasn't the 'gem amongst diamonds' that they promised us.

Score 45.05

Wrap It Up! can be found at 45 Leather Lane.


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