Tuesday, 28 May 2013

EAT, 78 Hatton Garden

EAT is a company that was founded in 1996 with "the ambition of providing the best food, soup and coffee in London at reasonable prices".  My guess is that a lot's changed in London in terms of food, soup and coffee in the past 17 years but for anyone that's not been to an EAT, it's basically a mediocre, artisan-breadless version of Pret.

The shop itself was tidy with plenty of space to sit inside if you're interested in 'EATing in' (see what they've done there) and paying VAT for the privilege. The staff occupying the shop on the other hand were a different kettle of fish. A guy that I assume to be the manager because he was wearing different clothes to the other members of staff was bellowing an awful rendition of The Marriage of Figaro (Figaro, Figaro, Fiiiiiii-garo) at the top of his lungs which is a bloody racket at the best of times and doesn't make for a great retail environment. Fortunately we prefer sitting in the park with alcoholics and pigeons to paying unnecessary tax so we didn't have to put up with listening to this idiot for too long. We're not sure if it was an option but when paying for the wrap we weren't offered to have it toasted and on leaving we were wished 'have a nice day' with a shrug of the shoulders. Weird.

The wrap was surprisingly cheap, especially considering that EAT is a chain. A tick you would have thought for the 'reasonable prices' part of their mission statement. Well, a cheap price: yes but a reasonable price? Not a chance. This wrap was a complete waste of money.

Now we don't get too much traffic to this site but if we could choose anything positive that could happen as a result of this blog, it's that someone that's currently making falafel wraps using tortillas wakes up, realises that this is stupid and then switches to the beloved khobez. EAT are another vendor to blindly stumble into this signposted trap and the results weren't pretty.

The wrap was small, cold and limp. The falafels were cold and dry. There wasn't very much salad but the small amount of cucumber batons, red cabbage and grated carrot provided a bit of nutrition and texture. The often overlooked mint was the only real highlight in terms of taste. Although the ingredients were dry, the wrap's packaging suggested that it was made on the day which gave it a couple of marks for freshness.

The wrap was awful. The worst of the competition to date. We wonder that if the thing had been toasted whether it would have resuscitated some of the ingredients and provided the crispiness that a falafel wrap needs to offer.

Score: 36.40

EAT can be found at 78 Hatton Garden.


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