Wednesday, 22 May 2013

King of Falafel (Lebanese), 93 Leather Lane

So we returned to get ourselves back involved in the King's immersive falafel theatre, this time trying out his cheaper and more traditional Lebanese falafel wrap (the only difference being the bread). Our main criticisms before were that the wrap was a bit costly and that there wasn't enough filling. With this wrap being a pound cheaper at £3.25, he was off to a good start.

Now we're not sure what place a pineapple has in a falafel wrap but what we are sure of is that we should never question the infalaffible king. What this man doesn't know about falafels isn't worth knowing and if he wants to sit a pineapple next to a big bowl of falafels then it's fine by us.

As we've just mentioned, the Lebanese wrap weighs in at £3.25, a whopping whole pound cheaper than the Moroccan wrap. Clearly this is where the clever money is. The Moroccan wrap that we previously sampled scored an average of 0 out of 3 for Structural Integrity whereas this Lebanese one smashed it, gaining full marks due its sturdy chassis. Mouthfeel, often coming hand in hand with Structural Integrity, was another category which scored top marks as the wrap was crispy due to optimum exposure to the grill.

Full marks again for Freshness and Nutrition, plenty of salad which had clearly been prepared that morning; full of life rather than something slumped in a bowl looking sorry for itself. The wrap looked great, nothing too fancy but that was perhaps what made it the most appealing. The taste was right up there compared to other wraps we've eaten in this competition, a wide variety of flavours with each of them speaking up for themselves without drowning out any others.

Name of Shop remarkably was consistent with our previous visit, scoring 2 out of 3. No marks lost on Staff again, we had the professional and personable service as well as the catchphrase 'Onion for everybody!'. We've noticed that perhaps due to the liberal serving of raw white onion The King even now offers chewing gum at the till. They could have been quicker but part of the whole experience is witnessing the organised chaos that occurs within 93 Leather Lane so we weren't too bothered about that.

This looks to have snatched the lead from Brothers (mild) by a whisker. It'll be interesting to see how these two falafel giants fare, should they meet eachother, when it gets to the knockout stage.

Score: 77.25

Read about his Moroccan wrap here - King of Falafel (Moroccan Wrap).

King of Falafel can be found at 93 Leather Lane.



  1. It's not King of Falafel, it's Falafel King! (The wrap may be Lebanese, but Faiz is Syrian, by the way)

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