Sunday, 19 May 2013

Pret a Manger, 10 Leather Lane

It was time for us to visit another one of the growing number of chains on Leather Lane, Pret a Manger which translates into English as 'Ready to eat'. Whilst their food is priced a little on the steep side you can usually be guaranteed that you're exchanging your money for a quality lunch. On learning that their falafel wrap came with bonus halloumi we were anticipating big things from this entry.

Like we were saying,  we knew there wasn't going to be any surprises when it came to the cost from Pret. £4.25 is expensive but we were hoping that their wrap would claw back points in other departments for its quality to make up for the negative numbers that it scored for cost.

The shop itself was spotless. We would have been happy to eat inside knowing that we wouldn't have left smelling of kebab shop. There were plenty of staff behind the tills to ensure that we didn't have to wait long, in fact we didn't have to wait at all as we were served immediately. Service couldn't have been much quicker so top marks there. We had contrasting experiences of the two members of staff we encountered during our quick in and out. Experience 1 - On entering the shop one of the stock replenishers was stood in the way of us and other customers, loudly cursing ('for goodness sake', fortunately nothing more vulgar) what we believe to be the stock she had to replenish.  Experience 2 - The guy that served us was very cheery (probably too cheery really), efficient and polite. If it wasn't for Experience 1, more marks would have been scored for staff.

To demonstrate the size of the wrap we bring you a competition first, the pigeon scale. This would probably be more effective if the pigeon was a bit closer to the wrap but you'll have to take out word for it when we say that this was a relatively humble wrap. This wouldn't be filling enough by itself so you'd have to complement this with some of Pret's expensive, accompanying snacks which would almost certainly take you above the £5 mark - e.g. crisps (about £1 - daylight robbery), banana (50p - criminal). Unfortunately, as we've seen a lot recently, this was a one piece wrap so we had to get our fingers dirty by tearing and sharing. On eating, it held itself together well and despite being not very fresh it still maintained a crisp outer-shell.   

In all honesty the wrap was a disappointment. It was pleasant tasting and warm throughout but there was only really one flavour from start to finish. The tomato sauce was nice enough but too dominant over the other flavours that we'd hoped to taste. Perhaps we've been spoiled by the other wraps on Leather Lane but this one doesn't really offer much competition for them. It wasn't a bad wrap but there are much better things on offer both in Pret and elsewhere on the lane. 

Score: 47.75

Next up: King of Falafel (Lebanese Wrap)

PrĂȘt a Manger can be found at 10 Leather Lane.


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