Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Tiffin, 24-26 Leather Lane

You've probably walked past this place loads of times, in fact, you've probably eaten in the place without realising that it's called Tiffin. To be honest, we're not even seen for ourselves that it is called Tiffin and believe that it's just been passed from generation to generation via word of mouth since it was established. We went on a recky there last year (when we were still calling it 'place where Neil buys a peri peri wrap from sometimes') and ate easily the worst falafel wrap of our lives so have been putting off our revisit for as long as possible in the hope that the word of falafeloff had spread and encouraged them to up their game.

We had to wait a few minutes to be served which is normally understandable however when there's not a queue in from of you it's a bit less understandable. It gave us plenty of time to look around the cafe to see what else was on sale and it was clear that falafel wraps weren't their forte. They've got tray after tray of freshly made curries that looked delicious but unfortunately this isn't curryoff so we ordered what looked like the first falafel wrap of the day, judging by the towering pile of falafel wraps compared to the rest of them. As you can see, these were preprepared so it didn't score high for freshness. We were offered chilli and garlic sauce which we duly accepted, allowing them to perform a kind of falafel surgery in front of our eyes before seamlessly stitching it back up again.

The falafel wrap then made it from operating theatre to the grill via the microwave. Hopefully you've made the mistake of putting lettuce in the microwave like we have and learnt from it vowing never to subject yourself or anyone else to the piping hot, soggy, limp mess that is microwaved lettuce. Not Tiffin. They did it last year and are still doing it again this year. Microwaved lettuce is gross.

Once heated by the two methods we were served by a very lovely woman who kindly offered to cut the wrap in half for us but sadly didn't provide any napkins for the very wet wrap that we were about to devour.

There was a decent amount of hummus in the wrap but despite all the moisture from the nuked lettuce and sauce the falafels themselves were quite dry. Due to the excess moisture the wraps fell apart a bit. We felt the distribution of the limited ingredients (falafel, hummus, lettuce, sauce) was poor. Like the two halves of the wrap, we were split when it came to taste. One of us hated it and the other quite enjoyed it. We were in agreement that this was a vast improvement over our visit last summer and isn't the worst wrap we've had so far in the tournament. We wouldn't choose to buy falafel wraps here on a regular basis. In fact we wouldn't encourage you to buy falafel wraps here ever. This was way below par considering the falafel competition on Leather Lane and the non-falafel offerings within Tiffin. 

Score: 45.25

Tiffin can be found at 24-26 Leather Lane.


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