Monday, 6 May 2013

Tony's Cafe, 61 Leather Lane

We were disappointed to find that in the past year Tony has stopped selling falafel wraps and has now decided to focus his efforts on salad bowl game. Tony, you'll be sorely missed but we decided to rate you anyway.

Tony didn't score well on his product since after all it didn't exist. We gave him a straight set of zeroes for Taste, Appearance, Freshness, Nutrition, Quantity, Structural Integrity and Mouthfeel.

The service on the other hand was a different story. Since we didn't part with any money it felt only fair to award full marks for cost. We were kindly told that falafel wraps are no longer on offer and were able to leave the shop in lightning quick fashion, scoring highly for staff and speed. The only thing which let him down in this half of the scorecard was the name which uncharacteristically drab.

Inconceivably a wrap which didn't even exist almost matched Wrap It Up! We'd be surprised if Tony makes his way to the knockout round this year but hope that he gets back to selling falafel wraps for next year's competition.

Score, 40.

Tony's Cafe can be found at 61 Leather Lane.


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