Sunday, 23 June 2013

Sainsbury's, 17-23 Farringdon Road

Our preferred Sainsbury's would have been the one that sits at the head of Leather Lane on Clerkenwell  Road but we tried several times to get one of their falafel and houmous but all we found were empty shelves. Were these hot cakes being snapped up on a daily by earlier birds than us or were the employees of Sainbury's, Clerkenwell Road just not very good at putting stock on shelves? To find out if this product was any good we had to stroll over to Farringdon Road which had just one remaining unit left on display.


Sunday, 9 June 2013

Kitchenette, 41 Greville Street

Kitchenette provide the catering for our (non-falafel)office in our non-falafeloff jobs so we've experienced their excellent range of sandwiches and wraps before but have never set foot inside. Visiting their website you'd not be blamed for assuming that they provided any service other than office catering. If their falafel wrap was able to match the many sandwich platters of theirs that we've eaten then this should be another successful lunchtime outing.

Mediterranean Food Bar (Mediterranean Wrap), 21 Leather Lane

Leather Lane had served us up a few disappointing falafel visits so we looked to Mediterranean Food Bar to get things back on track with their Mediterranean Wrap. We visited them initially back in April to review their Moroccan Wrap and were very impressed. Now it was time for their Mediterranean Wrap to attempt to restore some faith in Leather Lane that had suffered a blow after visits to EAT and