Sunday, 9 June 2013

Kitchenette, 41 Greville Street

Kitchenette provide the catering for our (non-falafel)office in our non-falafeloff jobs so we've experienced their excellent range of sandwiches and wraps before but have never set foot inside. Visiting their website you'd not be blamed for assuming that they provided any service other than office catering. If their falafel wrap was able to match the many sandwich platters of theirs that we've eaten then this should be another successful lunchtime outing.

The scale of options within Kitchenette are staggering. As you can see in the shot below, in the quarter of a fridge they've got Mexican Chicken, Cajun Chicken, Falafel & Hummus and Halloumi & Hummus Wraps. Elsewhere in other fridges they had loads of Focaccia breads, Paninis, Sandwiches, Baguettes etc. There was a European dominance of choices, we just feared that they weren't selling themselves too thin. We've had bad experiences with pre-prepared wraps elsewhere and were worried that today was going to be another one of those days. At £3.75 expectations were raised high and after parting with that much money we weren't willing to cut them much slack.

Now we've experienced slow service before (Meal Deal Chilli is King springs to mind) but this was something else. There was only one other person in front of us who had already ordered so we were served immediately but this wasn't the problem. There were only two people working, one man on the till that didn't do anything other than takes people's money and one woman who toasted wraps and cut them in half. The time between paying for the wrap and it making its way into our hands was crazy (about 5 minutes) and we're not sure why, especially seeing as they only had one other customer. Wherever our £3.75 was going, it wasn't on service so we assumed we were in for a high end product.

But a high end product this was not. As we've found with other grilled pre-prepared wraps, whilst they can be crisp on the very outer crust, the majority of the bread was very soggy. Soggy bread is about the second worst thing in the world, almost as bad as microwaved lettuce (see - Tiffin). The only thing that this had going for it above any other wrap in the competition so far was red peppers. The rest of the contents of the wrap weren't great; a very poor unvaried salad of just the aforementioned red peppers, cucumber and tomato, 'real humus' (whatever that means) and some decent falafels.

All in all, this was a bland wrap. We can't recommend their office catering highly enough but unfortunately if this wrap was anything to go by the products in their shop are best avoided. If bad wraps and lazy service are your thing you'd be better off spending far less money for an equally unfulfilling lunch at EAT.

Score: 25.25

Kitchenette can be found at 41 Greville Street.


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