Sunday, 9 June 2013

Mediterranean Food Bar (Mediterranean Wrap), 21 Leather Lane

Leather Lane had served us up a few disappointing falafel visits so we looked to Mediterranean Food Bar to get things back on track with their Mediterranean Wrap. We visited them initially back in April to review their Moroccan Wrap and were very impressed. Now it was time for their Mediterranean Wrap to attempt to restore some faith in Leather Lane that had suffered a blow after visits to EAT and

In stark contrast to the aforementioned poor outlets, this wrap was completely made to order. The staff even gave us the option of which components of salad that we wanted to include in our wrap. We decided to go for every possible component: lettuce, tomato, cucumber, red cabbage, black olives etc.

As already mentioned, on this visit we went for the 'Mediterranean' as opposed to the 'Moroccan' wrap and were therefore expecting something a little different from the standard khobez, something a bit more spinachy however looking at what we were served it seemed to be exactly the same as last time (Mediterranean Food Bar - Moroccan Wrap). We're certain that they took our order incorrectly but due to our over-polite English manners and Falafeloff 2013 time constraints we didn't kick up a fuss and proceeded to score their honest mistake anyway.

This was more like it from Leather Lane. A massive improvement on our most recent two outings and an significant improvement to our last visit to Mediterranean Food Bar. The staff were still pleasant but were quicker to deal with their queue that they were faced with. 

Drawbacks of the wrap on our first visit were that it was too messy and soggy but MFB must have read our write up as these problems look to be largely addressed. The falafels are still a bit on the soft side but other components of the wrap came to the fore to offer a brittle crunch. The cross sectional view of the wrap show that this is a much prettier sight than before and as you can see from the picture at the top of the page the bread has been perfectly grilled; mouthfeel was flawless.

£3 is a more than fair price for this wrap, there are cheaper out there but this is well worth the money. If we were to have a slight whinge it would be that the chilli sauce was a little bit too potent in places but if that's all we've got to complain about this has passed through the Falafeloff rating system with flying colours.

Score: 75.5

Read about our previous visit here - Mediterranean Food Bar (Moroccan Wrap)

Mediterranean Food Bar can be found at 21 Leather Lane.


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