Sunday, 23 June 2013

Sainsbury's, 17-23 Farringdon Road

Our preferred Sainsbury's would have been the one that sits at the head of Leather Lane on Clerkenwell  Road but we tried several times to get one of their falafel and houmous but all we found were empty shelves. Were these hot cakes being snapped up on a daily by earlier birds than us or were the employees of Sainbury's, Clerkenwell Road just not very good at putting stock on shelves? To find out if this product was any good we had to stroll over to Farringdon Road which had just one remaining unit left on display.


Regular readers of falafeloff will know that this is the second supermarket wrap of the competition and that Tesco's effort was surprisingly decent. The standout features of Tesco's wrap were the tomato tortilla and the fruity mango and coriander chutney. Sainsbury's wrap unfortunately was made up of the bog standard non-tomato tortilla however we were pleased that it kept up the supermarket tradition of including chutney. 

Now we don't want to keep harping on about Tesco but since it's the only other supermarket in the competition it makes for a pretty decent comparison so we probably will. In terms of the shops themselves there's no contest as to who we prefer. Sainsbury's = Jamie Oliver, David Beckham and the London 2012 Olympics. Tesco = horse meat. The surprising thing is though that their falafel wraps are completely the opposite despite Sainsbury's being 40p more expensive. Sainsbury's = dry, bland, unpleasant tasting. Tesco = fruity and flavoursome.

Tesco - for pictorial comparison
If you've read any other of our reviews you'll know that we hate tortilla wraps so we don't dwell on that. The falalels were incredibly dry. God knows how many days ago they were cooked. There was something a bit dirty about the taste of the falafels as if maybe someone had tipped the contents of an ashtray into the falafel mix. This could have been masked slightly by the chutney if there was a bit more of it but unfortunately it wasn't even noticeable. Whilst Tesco provided loads of spinach Sainsbury's only gave us a few leaves. The veg seemed fresh though and was plenty crunchy enough. 

£2.60 although is a relatively low cost didn't represent value for money. We had to upgrade to the £3 meal deal (crisps and OJ) to get an amount of food that just about constituted a meal. There weren't many positives to take away from this lunchtime experience. Hopefully the reason that we found none of these wraps on Clerkenwell Road was because they don't stock them rather than them selling out by 12:30 every day. Save your time and money, go to one of the many top establishments on Leather Lane.

Score: 52.1

Sainsbury's can be found at 17-23 Farringdon Road.


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