Friday, 26 July 2013

[FalafelOffTheRecord] Chick, 17-19 Leather Lane

We feel now is an appropriate time to explain what a 'FalafelOffTheRecord' is since it's the first time we've mentioned it. It's when we review a Falafel wrap that isn't part of the competition (i.e. the 20 or so entrants that were around at the start of the heats) to see how it fares on our balanced scorecard. This idea initially came about to cater for any falafel wraps that weren't either on or close enough to Leather Lane but we still wanted to give eat and review. But in unforeseen circumstances, since the tournament began there has been another outlet wanting to join in Leather Lane's falafel fun, 'Chick'. They seem to have some pedigree but since the tournament was so far underway they are unfortunately going to have to wait until next year's competition to vie for Falafeloff Champion 2014.

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

[Preview] Chick, 17-19 Leather Lane

As announced on twitter (@falafeloff) a couple of weeks ago we noticed a new falafel and schnitzel specialist open on Leather Lane, 'Chick'. 

We went there the day after it opened and were a little underwhelmed with the product which we felt was a bit falafel heavy and all other contents light. Although the pita was a whopping £4.65 we wanted to cut them some slack as they were just finding their feet on the falafel furlong so thought it unfair to subject them just yet to our balanced scorecard. Time has passed now for them to have had chance to pull their socks up so be prepared, Chick. We're coming for you...

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

[L16.3] Al Kouther vs Sainsbury's

Sainsbury's 'Falafel & Humous Wrap' was the lowest ranked supermarket qualifier from the preliminary heats and found itself pita-ed up against falafel heavyweight Al Kouther. Maybe it ran scared because as it wasn't to be seen on any of the shelves of the three local Sainsbury's stores in the area (Farringdon Road, Clerkenwell Road, Fetter Lane). We didn't want to let this no-show spoil our day so we bought the ingredients separately and made our own.

Thursday, 18 July 2013

[L16.5] Brothers (Mild) vs Pane Caffe

After last week's valiant effort from relative falafel minnow 'Wrap it Up!', in the first match of the second half of the draw could the it be David's turn to defeat Goliath in this week's match up of Brothers (Mild) (left) vs Pane Caffe (right)?



Sunday, 7 July 2013

It's a knockout! Last 16 draw

We've reached the halfway mark in Falafeloff 2013 and are now entering the knockout stage of the competition where the qualifying 16 have been seeded and entered into two halves of the draw.

The draw reveals that there is no possibility of an all Brothers final. Should they beat their respective opponents they would meet in Semi-Final 2. The all Moroccan 7th game of the Last 16 (L16.7) is the only derby match of this stage of the competition. At this last 16 stage there are, on paper, some easy fixtures for some of the falafel giants of Leather Lane but as with all cup competitions, there could be an upset waiting just round the corner.

Stick with us falafelfans. This could get interesting...

Brothers, 99 Leather Lane - Spicy Wrap

This lunchtime visit was the last remaining falalel wrap of the heats before we enter into the knockout round. With all Brothers having to do was to beat a non-existant wrap (Tony's Cafe) they were certainly a shoe-in for the next stage. Or were they...?*

*yeah they were