Sunday, 7 July 2013

Brothers, 99 Leather Lane - Spicy Wrap

This lunchtime visit was the last remaining falalel wrap of the heats before we enter into the knockout round. With all Brothers having to do was to beat a non-existant wrap (Tony's Cafe) they were certainly a shoe-in for the next stage. Or were they...?*

*yeah they were

Brothers are one of the most consistent outlets on Leather Lane so this experience wasn't too different from our previous visit when we ate their Mild Wrap except with the inclusion of chilli sauce and picked chills. We knew what to expect and they didn't let us down. The staff were keen to bust the sizeable queue that we found ourselves at the back of so we didn't have to wait too long.

For £2.50 again we got ourselves a huge wrap. No complaints when it came to size but as we're greedy we completely unnecessarily added a bhaji to accompany the wrap for an extra 50p. The wrap held itself together well and was well toasted. What let it down a bit was that we were given a bit too much sauce which made the the wrap a bit wet. No big deal though as we were provided with plentiful napkins to deal with any resulting mess from said sauce.

As standard, the wrap was made completely fresh to order and contained all the usual array of salad - red cabbage, carrot, cucumber, tomato, coleslaw, gherkins, lettuce etc. As mentioned, the difference between this and the mild wrap was the pickled chillis and chilli sauce. Now we like heat as much as the next falafel enthusiasts but what we've found in this competition is that heat often comes hand in hand with acidity and unfortunately Brothers are probably the ones that fall into this trap worse than anyone else on the Lane. The vinegaryness (yes, that's a word) of the sauce/chillis cuts through most other flavours in the wrap and is far too dominant. Others are able to decouple the two tastes to provide heat without decreasing the pH of the wrap (see Meal Deal Chilli Is King) but for Brothers don't for whatever reason. Perhaps it's the pickled chillis that are to blame, we're not sure, but it's for this reason that their Mild wrap will remain slightly superior until this problem is addressed. The wrap has unsurprisingly scored very highly and will be a serious contender in the knockout stages. We only hope that the acidity problem is resolved before we get into the business end of the tournament.

Score: 76.50

Brothers can be found at 99 Leather Lane.


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