Friday, 12 July 2013

[L16.1] King of Falafel (Lebanese) vs Wrap It Up!

Gloves off time. King of Falafel (Lebanese) seeded #1 vs Wrap It Up seeded #15. No contest surely?

In the image above, the sweaty runt of a wrap on the left is Wrap it Up! and the two monsters on the right combined is King of Falafel (Lebanese). Now when it comes to falafel wraps, size matters and The King has drawn first blood. It's good to see though that Wrap it Up! have changed their sizes since our last visit: Medium has become a much more accurate 'Small', Large has become 'Medium' and 'Grande' has become 'Large' which makes much more sense than having both Large and Grande on the same menu.

The King also takes second blood in the objectively decided cost category as his £3.25 wrap is much cheaper than Wrap it Up!'s £3.95. You'd think that changing from 'Medium' to 'Small' (in name only) would warrant a drop in cost but not with Wrap It Up! as their wrap has increased in cost by 50p over the past 3 months since we first dropped by.

Wrap it Up!                                                                                                     King of Falafel (Lebanese)

Wrap It Up! wins on speed due to the complete lack of customers. It's worth noting the slickness of King of Falafel's operation which never fails to amaze, allowing him to bust through queue after queue with ease. The King seemed a bit subdued today. There were no smiles, no banter and even more worrying, no catchphrases. Perhaps the pressure of serving the two falafelofficers had got to him.

 Wrap it Up!                                                                    King of Falafel (Lebanese)

Wrap it Up! have raised their game a hell of a lot since April. So much so that they've managed to beat King of Falafel in the taste category. It now contains grilled aubergine and a wider array of salad. We were offered Salsa for the first time in the competition which provided a welcomed sweetness to the wrap. A bit criticism of their wrap before was the dryness but that wasn't the case today; it was well sauced and spiced. Flaws of the wrap itself were that it was still a flour tortilla which in today's July heat got very clammy encased tightly in the foil packaging. There's no excuse not to use a khobez and wrap it up in paper.

King of Falafel's wrap only contained 2 falafels which we felt was a bit stingy. The wrap was good though; some bites bready, some crispy. Due to the miserly portion of falafels it was bulked up with a lot of salad (lettuce, tomato and cucumber) flavoured with the best mint dressing on Leather Lane.

The King's scraped through to the quarter finals where he will meet the either Tesco or Pod but this should have been comfortable. His score of 65.76 suggests inconsistency and is far from the 77.25 he deservedly earned earlier on in the competition. Credit must go to Wrap it Up! who have seen their score jump from 45.05 up to 54.45 in the space of 3 months. If this wrap was more appropriately priced (we're thinking £2) they might have just slayed this falafel giant but as it stands, King of Falafel progresses.

Winner: King of Falafel (Lebanese)

King of Falafel can be found at 93 Leather Lane.
Wrap It Up! can be found at 45 Leather Lane.

Previous Scores

King of Falafel - Lebanese
Heats - 77.25

Wrap it Up! 
Heats - 45.05


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  1. Crikey, that was close for the king. I wonder if he'll take note and up his game.