Thursday, 18 July 2013

[L16.5] Brothers (Mild) vs Pane Caffe

After last week's valiant effort from relative falafel minnow 'Wrap it Up!', in the first match of the second half of the draw could the it be David's turn to defeat Goliath in this week's match up of Brothers (Mild) (left) vs Pane Caffe (right)?



Whilst we saw considerable improvements from Wrap it Up! last week since earlier on in the year, we were disappointed to see that Pane Caffe were still falling at the first falafel hurdle by using tortilla wraps. Seriously falafel vendors, it's almost as if you're not reading this blog. Now we don't want to get into hot water by making generalised national stereotypes but these Italians were slow. God knows what they were doing back there but it wasn't toasting our wraps unfortunately --> Mouthfeel fail.

Credit where credit's due though, for an Italian cafe to knock up a falafel wrap this well was impressive.  The falafels were still as dry as our previous visit however they were tasty and the other contents got the thumbs up from us. It included a generous serving of hummus, decent amount of salad and possibly the best chilli sauce of the competition so far - not too acidic or overpowering.


Now what can we say about Brothers that we've not said before. It's huge on flavour, huge on size, made before your eyes using a wide range of fresh ingredients. What's not to love?  The staff are friendly whilst at the same time being ruthlessly clinical in busting a queue. A queue that recently we've seen reach as far back from the counter as the pavement. Being critical, their wrap this week was probably a little brittle. As you can see from the picture above, the wrap started to crack and fall apart midway through consumption --> Structural Integrity fail.

Brothers (Mild) wins this one hands down and flies into the quarter finals where they'll meet the winner of Meal Deal Chilli is King vs Oasis. They've gone from strength to strength and are currently looking like favourites for this competition over the inconsistent King of Falfel. Pane Caffe's effort wasn't bad but is massively overpriced at £3.80 which is where it lost a lot of marks. If this was reduced and the tortilla was exchanged for a toasted khobez it could have a decent chance of being competitive in falafeloff however currently the product falls short of the market. 

Winner: Brothers (Mild)

See how the Quarter Final draw is shaping up here.

Brothers can be found at 99 Leather Lane.
Pane Caffe can be found at 160 Clerkenwell Road.

Previous Scores

Brothers - Mild
Heats - 77

Pane Caffe
Heats - 42.8


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