Saturday, 10 August 2013

[L16.2] Tesco vs Pod

This was probably the least mouthwatering tie of the last 16 stage of the competition. With both wraps having been pre-prepared there was unlikely to be much variation in these wraps since the heats when Tesco (60.2) out-falafeled Pod (59.85) by only 0.35 marks.

Read on to find out if Tesco were able to sneak in front again.
We had the usual below-par service from Tesco. Unlike Pod there were no smiles or pleasantries but no surprises there. What they lacked for in staff they did make up for in cost. At £2.20 (with the option to upgrade to a meal deal for an additional 80p) this remains the cheapest wrap of the competition. Pod's 'wrap' (more like stuff on bread) on the other hand clocked in at £3.85 which whilst towards the upper end of the financial falafel spectrum doesn't not represent value given the wide variety of quality ingredients included.

The reason that we're using inverted commas when talking about Pod's 'wrap' is because the dry and brittle bread wasn't malleable enough to fold around the filling to provide a decent vessel for transporting from box to mouth. We had a bit of a whinge last time round about this bread and am disappointed that not a great deal has changed since then. It tasted very healthy (read flavourless) but was only marginally more moist than dust.

Fortunately it wasn't all doom and gloom for Pod's product. Whilst the bread made it difficult to eat digitally we were provided with knives and forks to allow us to enjoy their exemplary array of ingredients. We had falafels (obviously), chick peas, normal peas, beetroot, leaves, broad beans, sunblush tomatoes, hummus and a sprinkling of seeds. The product was miles off being delicious but it was incredibly honest, wholesome and hearty. The only tasty bites were the ones with the sunblush tomatoes which were sadly few and far between leaving quite a lot of bland mouthfuls to provide an unfulfilling lunch overall.

Tesco yet again wowed us with their tomato tortilla. Given how much we hate tortilla wraps it's quite a feat that they've have managed to get us to say something positive about them. The contents of the wrap weren't as interesting as those provided by Pod but they were by far tastier. The sweet mango chutney a  particular highlight yet again. The wrap held itself together well and the crunchy carrot was a decent contrast to the soft falafel. It wouldn't have been big enough to make a whole lunch by itself but we can't imagine that anyone does this given the option to upgrade to the meal deal for a total of £3.

Somehow Tesco have done it. They were up against weak opposition but have made it into the quarter finals of Falafeloff 2013 where they will face bookie's favourite, The King of Falafel's Lebanese Wrap.

Winner: Tesco

Pod can be found at 6a Leather Lane.
Tesco can be found at 43-45 Farringdon Road.

Previous Scores

Heats - 59.85

Heats - 60.2


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