Friday, 16 August 2013

[L16.6] Meal Deal Chilli is King vs Oasis

Meal Deal Chilli is King are a bit of a dark horse in this competition. The quality of their product is well known but given the inconsistency of their staff and ability to bust a queue no-one can be sure how far they will progress. Today they found themselves up against Oasis, sellers of a pretty decent falafel wrap which was hugely let down by a floppy tortilla wrap. As you can see below this hadn't been rectified but read on to find out who won this battle.

On walking through the door at MDCIK we were greeted instantly by one of their members of staff who took our order instantly. A stark and welcome turnaround compared to our last visit. It didn't take too long for them to knock together our wrap and we were out of the door in next to no time.

The product was excellent. The bread, which has to be the best on the market, was perfectly toasted and contained the tightly packed contents superbly. We can't put our fingers on exactly what it is but the combination of ingredients makes the wrap taste like no other on the lane. Noticeable positive features of the wrap were the gherkins, sesame seeds and we think we even spotted some feta crumbled in there. Negatives were that the wrap wasn't cut in half or that it wasn't particularly spicy despite asking for it to be. For £3 though you can't grumble. This is a top class wrap. 

Now onto Oasis. Their wrap contained a decent portion of couscous, spinach, red cabbage, salsa hummus. Where could it go wrong? That's right, the bloody tortilla wrap. The horribly floppy tortilla wrap. It didn't stop there though. Whilst the ingredients encased within the wrap on paper sounded interesting they were disappointingly bland. The couscous could have been a perfect opportunity for some stronger flavours to be absorbed and contained within the wrap but it was barely seasoned which was unfortunate since there was so much of it. Perhaps we're being unfair, the wrap did taste healthy but unfortunately things that taste healthy most usually don't taste of anything which along with the tortilla and whopping £4.20 price tag was a major flaw in this wrap.

MDCIK were on great form today. We always knew their product was quality and there were promising signs for their previously poor service. If they can keep both of these consistent they will be in with a shout of winning this competition. Their opponent this round was poor but they storm into the next round where they'll face the mighty Brothers (Mild).

Winner: Meal Deal Chilli is King

Meal Deal Chilli is King can be found at 41 Leather Lane.
Oasis can be found at 25 Leather Lane.

Previous Scores

Meal Deal Chilli is King
Heats - 59.5

Heats - 61.2

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