Thursday, 1 August 2013

[L16.7] Mediterranean Food Bar (Moroccan) vs King of Falafel (Moroccan)

Today saw the first Leather Lane derby match of Falafeloff: Mediterranean Food Bar (Moroccan) vs King of Falafel (Moroccan).

Read on to find out who won the battle of al-Mamlakat al-Maghribiyyah...

King of Falafel (left) vs Mediterranean Food Bar (right)

The first time we tasted King of Falafel's Moroccan wrap we weren't completely impressed and couldn't see why this wrap warranted a higher price than the standard Lebanese offering so today was his opportunity to show us why. 

We enjoyed the bread today it was tastier but doesn't wrap and grill so well. We're not sure if it's better than a khobez but it's miles better than a tortilla. Unfortunately we picked a bad time to arrive at The King Of Falafel as we had just missed the cut to make the set of wraps that he was preparing so had to wait until the next batch. The falafel gods weren't on our side today so it meant that we had to wait an age to get our hands on the wrap. Not that that was a completely negative experience as the King was back to his usual charismatic self (we assume he'd read our previous write up) dishing out catchphrases left, right and centre. 'Onions for everybody', 'Salad for everybody' and a new one for the repertoire 'Moroccan Harissa for everybody!'. As @BCraig91 drew to our attention on twitter, The King of Falafel is now featuring feta in his wraps. Others in the queue were offered it but somehow we missed out and it was just this inconsistency that prevented him from receiving full marks for 'Staff'.

We'd like to commend The King firstly on his mint dressing which is always a big positive and secondly his spicy sauce, great amount of heat which worked well with the coolness of the lettuce and not too acidic. The falafels were tastier than Mediterranean Food Bar but not as soft or fresh.

Moving onto Mediterranean Food Bar...

We're not sure why they offer both 'large' and 'medium' as both sizes of bread appear to be around the same but in a slightly different shape. We feel it'd make sense to ditch one size in favour of the other to make the customer's decision an easier one but whatever. Medium Moroccan falafel wrap it was for us. The bread couldn't contain all of the contents properly so whilst it was good to have it bursting full of salad and falafel it meant that it was toasted half open.

The staff were quick and attentive and we didn't have to wait long. We were given options of different salad and sauce and went with the standard 'everything'. Everything involved: soft, fluffy but perhaps a bit bland falafels, parsley, tomato, lettuce, raw red onion, black olives, chilli sauce and garlic mayo. We noticed that the 'Lebanese Royal' on the menu featured baba ganoush and tabbouleh. It'd be nice to see these featuring in the standard falafel wraps to gain competitive advantage over other vendors on Leather Lane.

Like King of Falafel, this bread was fantastic. It was paratha like in texture and taste and also featured a few bits of spinach. As mentioned earlier, the drawbacks of not using a khobez are that they don't wrap or toast so well. Again, really great amount of wetness in the wrap. Saucy but not at all watery.

We really enjoyed both of these wraps but they could have been a bit bigger and cheaper. MFB takes it mostly thanks to Speed and Cost. It was great to witness The King of Falafel back on form but he only has one entrant in the Quarter Finals as we see the weaker of his two wraps fall by the wayside.

Winner: Mediterranean Food Bar (Moroccan)

Mediterranean Food Bar can be found at 21 Leather Lane.
King of Falafel can be found at 93 Leather Lane.

Previous Scores

Mediterranean Food Bar (Moroccan)
Heats - 65.5

King of Falafel (Moroccan)
Heats - 58.75


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