Tuesday, 3 September 2013

[L16.8] Brothers (Spicy) vs Tiffin

For the last remaining place in the Falafeloff quarter finals, Brothers' often overly acidic 'Spicy' wrap was up against Tiffin's often microwaved lettuce featuring falafel wrap.

Brothers (Spicy) vs Tiffin

Given the choice of a Spicy or Mild Brothers we usually opt for Mild citing the acidity of the spicy sauce and jalapeƱos as the only turn off of the Spicy wrap. Even with that in mind though it's still one of the best wraps on the lane. Brothers is a very consistent performer on Leather Lane and today's wrap presented us with no surprises. There was lots of crunch coming from the generous helping of red onion and lettuce. It was well sauced with chilli and hummus but could have been spicier. It's worth mentioning that we've noticed a drop in the quality of their bhajis recently. We're not sure what's happening as they've been soggy and undercooked but we're not going to hold back any falafel marks because of that. Brothers did however lose a few marks for their staff as they we bickering with eachother when we were in the queue however when serving us they put their problems aside to deliver the professional service that we've come to expect.

Tiffin which was one of the weakest qualifiers needed to be on their game to beat Brothers today but they were miles off. Again, as with Brothers this wrap provided no surprises. It was the usual premade nonsense, MICROWAVED and then grilled which meant it was soggy lettuce time yet once more. It wasn't as saucy as in the heats which led to a dry wrap. The hummus was disgusting and dry. I don't want to say it but comparisons were made to smegma whilst we were eating which added to how difficult this wrap was to consume.

The service was good in Tiffin as were the staff. They made a hash of the wrap though and that cannot be excused. The wrap was limp but well toasted. A new feature of it was a sweet sauce which was bloody horrible. The falafels were quite herby but unfortunately very bland.

This was easy for Brother as they storm into the quarter finals where they'll face Mediterranean Food Bar's Moroccan wrap.

Winner: Brothers (Spicy) 

Brothers can be found at 99 Leather Lane.
Tiffin can be found at 23-25 Leather Lane.

Brothers (Spicy)
Heats - 76.5



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