Friday, 20 September 2013

[QF1] King of Falafel (Lebanese) vs Tesco

Second Quarter Final time...

KING of Falafel vs a rubbish supermarket. Only one winner one would have thought...

Due to a little holiday this one's unfortunately taken a little while to write up so comments on the form of each of these vendors may be a couple of weeks out of date. Anyway, here goes...

There was a really long queue at The King of Falafel which as we've said before isn't a problem as long as it's dealt with well however The King didn't. It took bloody ages. The great man was making 12 wraps at one go which must be some sort of record but whilst we were one of these 12 we still had to wait what must have been close to 10 minutes before we had the product in ours hands and could leave. We think he was aware of this so to compensate there was an abundance of catchphrases: onion for everybody, chilli sauce for everybody, harissa for ever and a new one THYME for everybody.

Thumbs up yet again for their zingy mint dressing which gets us every time. There's certainly a lot more going on for the palate than Brothers but it doesn't have the full depth of flavour that Meal Deal Chilli is King does. A greater helping of hummus would have welcome but that's only a minor criticism. 

Tesco offered absolutely no surprises. So much so that it's not worth going over old ground yet again but if you're interested you can read our previous review - Tesco Falafel Wrap. There was a decent sized queue when we visited but a few people on the checkouts soon ended this. In summary, it's as good a mass-produced wrap as you can expect to get from a supermarket.

Again, The King has sneaked into the next round by the skin of his teeth. Whilst the Tesco wrap is good for what it is it was always going to get beaten by the authentic, freshly made and grilled to order wrap but did tremendously well to get this far. In the Semi Final, The King of Falafel will be lining up against either Al Kouther or Pret a Manger.

Winner: King of Falafel (Lebanese)

King of Falafel can be found at 93 Leather Lane.
Tesco can be found at 43-45 Farringdon Road.

Previous Scores

King of Falafel - Lebanese
Heats - 77.25
Last 16 - 65.75

Heats - 60.2
Last 16 - 66.2


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