Thursday, 5 September 2013

[QF3] Brothers (Mild) vs Meal Deal Chilli is King

Here we have it - the first quarter final of Falafeloff.

Brothers (Mild) who are a lot of people's favourites to win the competition after qualifying in 2nd in the heats just a small fraction of a percent off the top spot vs Meal Deal Chilli is King who only qualified in 10th place but impressed after making light work of Oasis in the first knockout round.

Meal Deal Chilli is King (left) vs Brothers (Mild) (right)
It was busy today in Brothers. People can't get enough of their £2.50 wraps and after the level of quality and consistency shown earlier in the competition you can see why. However today they seemed disorganised and unable to deal with the sheer volume of customers. We're not sure how but others behind us in the queue received their falafel wraps before we got ours which is odd as each wrap is produced to order, in order. It's worth mentioning that we went yesterday too for an off the record falafel and received a wrap about 20 seconds after ordering whereas those in front of us in the queue were yet to receive their wrap.

The wrap was lazily wrapped and extremely loose today but despite this it held itself together well. Lots of creamy hummus featured which was very welcome. The amount of falafel in the wrap was minimal, it would be easy to think that this was just a salad and hummus wrap. We noticed that some of the lettuce was a dull darkish green colour which suggests that although the wrap is made on request it perhaps doesn't contain the freshest ingredients around. This and the poor handiwork aside this was still a decent wrap for the money however whereas we're used to usually receiving a top quality product for
a low price from Brothers this wrap was more in line with the budget cost.

Although we're not scoring the bhajis, we've noticed that in recent weeks these have really gone downhill. We mentioned this in the last review but they're still showing the same flaws of being undercooked - wet and soggy in the middle.

Now moving onto Meal Deal Chilli is King...

The first time we went there we loved the product but hated the service, hence why it only finished 10th in the heats but noted that if they sorted out the in-shop experience they would be a serious contender and they seem to have been listening. Like Brothers, MDCiK were heaving. There was a queue out of the door however the operation today was as smooth as we've seen. Perhaps not the sort of banter or spectacle that you get with The King but these guys were hard at work ensuring that queue time was minimal. There's one guy taking orders and money, one guy concentrating on preparing the wraps and another concentrating on grilling them. Slick.

In stark contrast to Brothers, MDCiK's wrap was tight, densely packed and falafel heavy throughout. The taste was next level. We can't put our finger on what it is that makes this taste so differently from everywhere else on Leather Lane but this wrap has a real depth of complementary flavours and tastes incredible. Not to everyone's taste but we love the gherkins that feature. We went 'spicy' which arguably could have been hotter but we feel that they got the inclusion of heat there without compromising on any of the other characteristics. It's worth mentioning that they nailed the bread as always, perfectly toasted doughy khobez, ribbed for your pleasure. 

Honestly, we thought the trophy was very likely to end up having Brothers' name on it and with their spicy wrap still in the competition this could still happen but this was the performance of the tournament 
without question from MDCiK. In the semi final they will take some beating when they face either Mediterranean Food Bar (Moroccan) or Brothers yet again with their Spicy wrap.

Winner: Meal Deal Chilli is King

Brothers can be found at 99 Leather Lane.
Meal Deal Chilli is King can be found at 41 Leather Lane.

Previous Scores

Brothers - Mild
Heats - 77
Last 16 - 80.5

Meal Deal Chilli is King
Heats - 59.5
Last 16 - 79


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