Thursday, 10 October 2013

[QF4] Mediterranean Food Bar (Moroccan) vs Brothers (Spicy)

Sorry for the huge delay between quarter finals, falafel fans. The officers have been busy. The temperature's dropped a bit since the last entry but let's hope the standard of falafel wraps hasn't.

Mediterranean Food Bar (Moroccan) vs Brothers (Spicy), an even match one would have thought, here goes...  

As you can see by the picture above and the weather outside, it's now sit at your desk, put the phone on 'busy' and read the internet weather not sit outside in the sun with your shorts on laughing at pigeons weather so we've retreated indoors. This is a shame but still, Mail Online won't read itself.

First up, Mediterranean Food Bar's Moroccan Wrap. We think they got our order right this time i.e. we were given the spinach filled paratha style wrap rather than the khobez. This hasn't been true of every visit to MFB but we'll give them the benefit of the doubt this time. There were no real surprises from MFB, who have proven themselves during this competition to be sellers of consistently solid wraps (despite the lack of clarity on which bread is which). As always, the sliced black olives went down well along with the other crunchy fresh salad. A criticism was that it was slightly soggy in places which lost it a mark on mouthfeel. The wrap tasted very healthy but as with other wraps in the competition (Oasis for example), a balance wasn't found between wholesome and tasty so unfortunately we found this wrap to be a bit bland. Whilst this wrap was reasonable we felt the high-end quality was lacking for a £3.80 wrap which was disappointing. The service was quick though and there are newspapers to read whilst you wait.

Now for Brothers' Spicy Wrap. As always, we dropped a bhaji for starters. As per our recent whinges, this bhaji was rubbish - very greasy and not cooked properly. However we'll try not to let this impact the score.

We were in and out very quickly. Perhaps a bit too quickly for our liking but I'll explain. So we turned up, ordered our Brothers' Spicy Wrap and were given a wrap that had been on the grill before we'd seen ours get made. We got given our wrap before people in front of us in the queue again which is good but makes things a bit awkward with those who have been waiting longer and also casts doubts about how fresh their wraps are. On eating the wrap we found it to be no way near spicy enough to be labeled 'spicy' which makes us think that they gave us the wrong wrap. Tut tut Brothers. With regards to the product, it was crunchy on the inside, crispy on the outside and densely packed full of fresh salad. You couldn't really ask for much more from this wrap.

Brothers (Spicy) takes it and they find themselves up against current top scorer, Meal Deal Chilli is King.

Winner: Brothers (Spicy)

Mediterranean Food Bar can be found at 21 Leather Lane.
Brothers can be found at 99 Leather Lane.

Previous Scores

Mediterranean Food Bar (Moroccan)
Heats - 65.5
Last 16 - 67.8

Brothers (Spicy)
Heats - 76.5
Last 16 - 76.5



  1. Dear Falafel Offcer 1 and Falafel Offcer 2,
    Until today I held you both in the highest of regard. Your ingenineous scoring method and shoe vs falafel measurements are a breakthough in the science of falafel measuring systems.

    Today, my world was rocked by your scoring system. I got my Mediterranean Food Bar Mediterranean wrap and consumed it. I went back to see if I would tally it the same way. Out of curiosity I compared it against the Mediterranean Food Bar Moroccan wrap. Now how is it that the MFB Mediterranean scored 1 for Name Of Shop where as MFB Moroccan scored 2 since they have the same Name Of Shop?

    You have bought falafel scoring into disrepute! I am therefore putting my name forward to audit your scientific falafel scoring system. If this is rejected I will be informing the FS&MR (Falafel Scoring & Measurements Regulators) and have them audit the scoring which clearly shows there are some flaws.


    Scored 2 -

    Scored 1 -


  3. FalafelCritic3,

    We're delighted that you've brought this matter up in this public forum. As you may have guessed, falafel scoring is a subject close to our hearts and something that we're always keen to discuss.

    Thanks for your appreciation of our pioneering developments within the falafel field. We only hope that major breakthroughs like the shoe vs falafel measurement technique inspire others to take similar leaps forward in wraponomy.

    Now onto the significant point you raised. Is Mediterranean Food Bar really a better name than Mediterranean Food Bar? Well, maybe. As we've stated on The Scoring page (, all categories with the exception of Cost are scored subjectively. According to a publication that's widely regarded as one of the finest dictionaries in Oxfordshire, 'Subjective' is defined as "based on or influenced by personal feelings, tastes, or opinions" so us falafelofficers reserve the right to assign scores that are a reflection of how we rate something at that moment in time. I mean, despite containing such hits as 'Moving On Up' and 'One Night In Heaven' do you think that the 1994 Mercury Award Panel would still hold M People's Elegant Slumming in higher regard than Pulp's His n Hers, The Prodigy's Music for the Jilted Generation or anything else on the shortlist for that matter? Tastes change like the seasons and MFB's stock is feeling this fluctuation more than others.

    At Falafeloff we strive for accuracy and reliability but if there's anything that the above demonstrates it's that we view each outing as a fresh test rather than lazily looking back over previous results to auto-populate the scorecards.

    Hopefully you can see our reasoning and still have trust in our methods.

    Yours failafelly (faithfully),
    The Falafelofficers