Monday, 25 November 2013

[3/4 PO] King of Falafel (Lebanese) vs Brothers (Spicy)

So the finalists have been decided and we now know that the gold and silver medals will be going to Al Kouther and Meal Deal Chilli is King, although who gets which is anyone's guess. Before that event takes place we have to go through the formality of deciding who takes bronze. This match of any knockout competition is usually a half-hearted affair which tends to see both sides dragging their heels thinking what could have been. We're glad to say that this wasn't the case for this Falafeloff fixture as this turned out to be one of the pairings of the tournament.

First up, The King of Falafel. The King must have been gutted to find that he'd not made the grade to make it to the final two. He turns his back for one lunchtime to let the Prince take the reigns and the next thing he knows he's facing the cruel reality of Falafeloff to find he's been knocked out. He was back in residence today to construct one of the finest wraps we've had of the whole tournament. There was harissa for everyone, sumac for everyone, tahina for everyone not to mention onion for everyone.

As you can see above, the bread was perfectly crispy to score The King full marks for mouthfeel. Spending this long being toasted not only provides greater texture to the wrap but the grill also lends flavour too - only Meal Deal Chilli is King has as tasty a khobez as this. The wrap did fall apart a bit towards the end. We'll let him off but he does lose a mark for Structural Integrity.

All in all, this really was a return to form for The King. The wrap was big and could only be rivalled by Meal Deal Chilli is King in the taste department. The main ingredients were fairly uncomplicated (falafel, lettuce, onion, tomato) but were complemented very well by the sophisticated spicing of the aforementioned harissa, sumac, chilli sauce along with the fresh minty dressing.

Bhaji Update: Proving that our semi-final visit wasn't just a fluke, Brothers showed today that their world class bhajis are here to stay. At 50p they really are a steal. In fact you can get a falafel wrap and a bhaji and still come out 45p better off than if you'd gone to The King of Falafel. At £2.50 these wraps are the cheapest on Leather Lane and having made it to this stage of the competition they have shown that they're also one of the best.

Service, as usual was quick in Brothers and, for the first time in a while, we even got the wrap that we'd asked for. We'd have been willing to wait but unfortunately the wrap spent nowhere near as long under the grill as The King's so it lost a mark for Mouthfeel.  For a 'spicy' wrap we felt that it could have been a bit spicier. We could see that there were jalepenos and there was chilli sauce but the wrap could have done with more of both. The wrap featured the signature whole coriander seeds and a good dollop of hummus. The salad was more varied compared to their rival but the wrap's more basic components had nowhere near the depth of flavour that The King's did.

This must be one of the closest and most high scoring matches that Falafeloff has seen. Despite the early lead that Brothers took on Cost and Speed, The King managed to claw it back with one of the finest wraps of the competition and deservedly takes Bronze medal. 

Bronze Medal Winner: King of Falafel

King of Falafel can be found at 93 Leather Lane.
Brothers can be found at 99 Leather Lane.

Previous Scores

King of Falafel (Lebanese)

Brothers (Spicy)
Heats - 76.5
Last 16 - 76.5
Quarter Finals - 76.5 


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