Tuesday, 26 November 2013

[Final Preview] Al Kouther

In the red corner, we bring you... Al Kouther.

Al Kouther impressed in the Heats, qualifying in 5th place with a score of 74.5. They easily saw off competition from a weak Sainsburys wrap before fending off stronger entrants Pret a Manger and King of Falafel.

They are probably the most consistent performer of the competition so there is little doubt that they'll deliver but if Meal Deal Chilli is King are on their game, Al Kouther will have to raise theirs.

Previous Scores

Heats - 74.5
Last 16 - 76
Quarter Final - 82
Semi Final - 76

Strengths: Consistency. Incredible Tabbouleh. Varied Salad. Size.
Weaknesses: Unfresh falafels. Acidic chilli sauce.

Falafelodds: 3/1

Al Kouther can be found at 22 Leather Lane.




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