Tuesday, 5 November 2013

[SF1] King of Falafel vs Al Kouther

We should say before we get started that any of these four semi-finalists are worthy winners of the competition. Drawing parallels to 1997, in a way it's unfortunate that a Chesterfield Town haven't upset the odds to find itself within a sniff of the F.A.lafeloff Cup Final but we have got two scintillating ties for you.

Fighting for the first place in the Falafeloff Final, we bring you King of Falafel with his Lebanese wrap against Al Kouther - the place where this silly little tournament started back in April (Al Kouther, 4th April).

Let's do this.

King of Falafel had the easier path to get here after fending off, albeit rather unconvincingly at times, weak opposition in Wrap it Up! and Tesco. But we suppose you can only beat what's put in front of you etc. 

Now for the first time ever when we popped into see the King, he wasn't in. As anyone who has stepped foot inside 93 Leather Lane knows, you don't just enter to buy something for lunch but to partake in the great man's immersive falafel theatre. It's a very rare occasion for our nation's favourite royal to not be in residence so he need not fly the regal crest to indicate his presence but it would have been good to know prior to visiting that he was currently out of office. Nevertheless, the Prince wasn't making too bad an effort deputising in his father's absence as what he lacked in charisma he made up for in wrap construction and although there was a huge queue he got through it at a fairly reasonable pace.

During this semi-final stage of the competition, perhaps off the back of some favourable falafeloff reviews,  we've seen the price of the King's wrap jump up from £3.25 to £3.45. Not vast however margins are likely to get smaller as we enter the business end of the tournament. 

The wrap was as delicious as ever. About as delicious as any we've had to date actually. The distinct fruity, mint dressing is something that we always look forward to. The zing from that dressing and the chilli sauce was offset especially well today by a particularly confident helping of creamy hummus. We can't really find too many faults in the product except that we would have liked more of it.

The King of Falafel (Lebanese Wrap)

Al Kouther in contrast to The King of Falafel fought greater competition in Sainsbury's and Pret a Manger and have shown to be gathering momentum after gaining more points on the scorecard with each round. They now currently sit 2nd on the all time leaderboard with a massive score of 82%.

Unlike The King of Falafel, Al Kouther were fielding a full-strength side as both generations of staff were in attendance. Al Kouther Snr's customer service was impeccable; saying goodbye to patrons as they left the shop. We were kindly given the option of which salads/sauces we wanted so went for 'everything', obsv.

For £3 this is only rivalled by perhaps Brothers in terms of size vs cost ratio. The wrap is gigantic and brimming with fresh, well dressed and varied salad. The falafels are a little dehydrated and would be a lot better if fresh out the fryer (a la Chick). The wrap is one of only a few on Leather Lane to contain gherkins and the only one that has a top quality, parsley-heavy tabbouleh.

Al Kouther
Falafeloff has set out from the beginning to find a falafel wrap that will be awarded heavily for being tasty, sizeable, cheap and quick and it's by fixating on these four tenets that Al Kouther has rightfully dethroned the King of Falafel. It's a pity not to see The King make the final given how delightful his falafel wrap is but had he and his charm been present and the wrap be slightly bigger and cheaper it may have been a completely different story.

Winner: Al Kouther, 76

King of Falafel can be found at 93 Leather Lane.
Al Kouther can be found at 22 Leather Lane.

Previous Scores

King of Falafel - Lebanese
Heats - 77.25
Last 16 - 65.75
Quarter Final - 67.75

Al Kouther
Heats - 74.5
Last 16 - 76
Quarter Final - 82



  1. Whoah! Pretty shocked tbh, really thought the King might make it through.

  2. No way, King of Falafel is the best!

  3. King rules suckas!